Thursday, April 13, 2006


Washington Post Op-Ed

A Nation Built on Immigrant Genes

By John D. Gartner
Tuesday, April 11, 2006; Page A21

If you've been following the big immigration debate, you might get the impression that the primary economic advantage of liberal economic immigration policies is that they supply America with low-wage workers willing to do grueling, unskilled jobs that native-born Americans won't touch. Not true: They are the source of America's success.

The secret to America's wealth is that we were settled by restless, driven, overconfident, risk-taking dreamers. As I have explained in a book on the subject, these traits are all signs of a genetically based, mildly manic temperament, which is not a mental illness, called hypomania.

Hypomanic traits have been part of the American character since the country's beginning. In the 1830s, Tocqueville noted that Americans were "restless in the midst of abundance," always moving, always working and perpetually hurling themselves into one new business venture after another. Not coincidentally, in my research, I found that entrepreneurs have these same traits.

America is an amazing natural experiment -- a continent populated largely by self-selected immigrants. All these people had the get-up-and-go to pull up stakes and come here, a temperament that made them different from their friends and relatives who stayed home. Immigrants are the original venture capitalists, risking their human capital -- their lives -- on a dangerous and arduous voyage into the unknown.

Not surprisingly, given this entrepreneurial spirit, immigrants are self-employed at much higher rates than native-born people, regardless of what nation they emigrate to or from. And the rate of entrepreneurial activity in a nation is correlated with the number of immigrants it absorbs. According to a cross-national study, "The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor," conducted jointly by Babson College and the London School of Economics, the four nations with the highest per capita creation of new companies are the United States, Canada, Israel and Australia -- all nations of immigrants. New company creation per capita is a strong predictor of gross domestic product, and so the conclusion is simple: Immigrants equal national wealth.

Andrew Carnegie, a 19th century Scottish immigrant and, quite a manic personality, who started working in a factory for pennies a day and became the richest man in the world by mass-producing steel, made the same argument. Immigrants, he wrote, were unusually "capable, energetic and ambitious" people. They had to be. "The old and the destitute, the idle and the contented do not brave the waves of the stormy Atlantic, but sit helplessly at home." He called the flow of people into America the "golden stream" that contributed more to America's wealth than "all the gold mines in the world." It's as true today as it was then. The Scottish, Irish, Italians, Japanese and Eastern Europeans were last century's Mexicans -- unwashed hordes, thought to be good only for cheap labor.

Let's get the lesson of Sept. 11 right. We need to screen who gets into the United States, to keep out the suicide bombers. But if they're not here to kill us, chances are they will inject new life into our economy. In my book, I predicted that future historians will be able to date the beginning of the decline of the American empire to the day we stop being the destination of choice for immigrants. Ominously, U.S. immigration peaked in 2000. Is this the beginning of the end? I hope Osama bin Laden will not end the great American experiment.

The writer is an assistant professor of psychiatry at Johns Hopkins University Medical School and author of "The Hypomanic Edge: The Link Between (a Little) Craziness and (a Lot of) Success in America."

This column got the attention of the publisher of Forbes:
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Wow. I read the first page of your entries, and I must say that they describe me perfectly. I was diagnosed with Bipolar Type II last year, and to this date, I have never found anything that is as specific as your blog in describing and giving examples of hypomania.

The research and books I have read on the subject of bipolar disorder usually just focus on mania; so up until this point, I have felt slightly alone and misunderstood.

I must let you know that it helps me a great deal to read your blog because I now know that someone out there understands hypomania; and can even discuss at length successful individuals who have prospered from having some variation of hypomania.

Also, I finally understand why some people must have trouble relating to me. If you'd like to write, my e-mail is

Thanks again for your interesting information. It makes me feel a sense of belonging in the world as a contributing member of society.
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I bought your book John and I also think it is brilliant. I have only read the Intro and Chapter I so far.

I am an interesting case of bipolar. I am 45, and 8 years ago a ton of stress triggered my one and only fully manic episode, which lasted a week, and was followed by severe depression which lasted months but got better over time. It was so bad that when I decided that I should see a psychiatrist, which was after I crashed into the depression after the full blown mania, I was unable to drive, my wife had to drive me to the psychiatrist (I think that must have been a severe in both ranges high and low mixed state in retrospect - when I was unable to concentrate enough to drive.) Diagnosed Bipolar Disorder I of course, because of the severity of the mania.

I have never had a full blown manic episode nor a severe depression since. And only a few hypomanic swings which something always triggered. Experiencing my case of bipolar almost entirely as a low level unipolar depression. I was only taking Celexa anti depressant (boosts Serotonin for the benefit of readers) since I didn't need a mood stabizer. Although in first few weeks or month I took both an anti psychotic (Risperdal) as well as Depakote (mood stabilizer) for 3 or 4 months I believe.

My wife doesn't contribute a second income, and I have been self employed 11 years with a slowly declining income (internet biz,) so I had to drop our HMO bill which was $450 per month. That led me to discontinue the Celexa cold turkey, and get by on no medication at all, for a year. I did experience SSRI discontinuation syndrome, and read all about that, which makes it very difficult to quit an SSRI (withdrawal for readers.)

Going back to college to pursue a math teaching credential, I realized I needed to get back on an SSRI as my mind would conk out towards the later hours of the all day saturday college classes. And I didn't seem to be too on the ball with some field experience I was doing in some schools. So I had learned about other types of anti depressants and with the pdoc's agreement, went on Wellbutrin XL.

Some poeple as you know, get manic on Wellbutrin (it boosts Dopamine and Norapenephrine for readers.) It did in fact make me hypo. And the Trileptal mood stabilizer I was Rx'd to go with it gave me the rash some people get, so I have gone only on Wellbutrin XL for a year and a half.

Now, rather than experience Bipolar as almost exclusively low level unipolar depression, the Wellbutrin sends me to the other side of ground to be permanently low level hypomanic. This is a good thing, although there are disadvantages of being hypomanic. I recently tried Lithium but it made me sleepy and I lose the creativity, energy, feeling younger, and humour that I get being this side of a grounded mood. So I have decided to deal with the disadvantages of hypomania naturally - meditation, prayer, excercise, that sort of thing.

The bottom line point I am trying to make is twofold. One is I thought you'd be interested to know that a medication can make someone permanently hypomanic (at least in my case,) and two you seem to indicate that the hypomanics you talk about in the book are all (with the exception of Columbus) "relatives" of people with Bipolar Disorder, otherwise they would not be successful. Perhaps I have misunderstood your Intro, but if that is how you have written your book, I take exception to that. I think there are functioning bipolars, who are fortunate enough perhaps to experience their case of bipolar as primarily or permanently hypomania. So I think everyone you talk about has Bipolar.

Thanks for the book it is a great read, especially for someone with Bipolar.
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